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Hi Reefchili,
I just wanted you to know that I bought your product from I believe it was Premium Aquatics after
trying with you on ebay but you didn't accept echecks. I've used the product now for about 3wks.
Well, I think you've invented something that now makes it possible to keep impossible filter
feeders alive and healthy, this is a breakthrough product. I purchased a carnation coral only
because I meet someone at my LFS who has been using Reefchili with great success. I have
bought 4 others and all died but not this time. It is actually growing. Again this is truly a
breakthrough product and I sincerely hope that I will always be able to buy. I'd like to purchase the
three larger sizes as what I ordered only the .75oz size was available. Is it possible to mail a
check to you when I'm ready for more, most likely in about another 3 weeks or so? Thanks again.
Please feel free to use this recommendation if so desired on your website. JBP
I heard about Reef Chili in a friend's store last year.  After hearing rave reviews from different
customers, I asked my friend "What is Reef Chili?"  He handed me his jar that was nearly empty.  
He said it had a couple of weeks of feeding left for my my 90G reef tank.  I decided to try it on my
Mom's 24G NanoCube instead.  I've always had problems finding a simple enough feeding
method for my Mom to follow.  She was spending tons of money on DT's, but just wasn't getting
the growth I wanted.  The DT's always seemed to expire before she used it all or the LFS never
had it in stock when she ran out.  So I wrote 1 scoop every 2-3 days on the lid of the Reef Chili
and showed her how to feed it.  I've watched her once struggling reef tank take off with life.  I was
watching one her zooanthid rocks slowly die off.  The rock has now completely recovered.  I gave
her a small green bubble coral last year for Christmas.  This bubble has suddenly sprang to life.  
It has doubled in size since we began using Reef Chili.  Her Anthelia had died down to 3-4
polyps.  But has now stormed back to approx. 20-30 polyps.  Purple Mushrooms I gave her 2
years ago had grown from 5 'shrooms to only 10 'shrooms in a year and a half.  But since we
started using Reef Chili, the 'shrooms are taking over.
I moved back to my hometown in August and decided to start using Reef Chili in my 90G reef.  In
the 5 months since the move, I've watched Monti. Caps double in size.  I have zooanthid colonies
popping up from single hitchhiker polyps.  The yellow cryptic sponges abound.  My Acans seem
to know I'm about to feed Reef Chili.  They extend their feeding tentacles while I'm still pouring in
the mixture.
Reef Chili is undoubtedly the best single reef food I've used.  Add in the fact that its so
inexpensive and I have money left to buy more corals :-)  Thanks Reef Chili!



I just received my first order of Reef Chili today.  Due to the hot weather here in Los Angeles, I
have my reef tank on a reverse light cycle.  So with the tank dark right now, I figured I'd try and feed
some Reef Chili and see what happened.  About 30 min later, I came back to check the tank, and
very seriously thought my open brain coral had exploded.  Freaking out, I got a flashlight, shined it
on the coral, and saw that in fact its feeder tentacles were extended so far that the coral literally
looked nothing like I've ever seen before!  I thought something was wrong, when it was simply
going crazy for Reef Chili.

I'll be honest - I was pretty skeptical of the claims on your site.  I bought the smallest amount just
to try it out.  I'm a big fan of feeding a variety of things to my tank, so I figured it couldn't hurt to add
one more thing.  But if my open brain coral is any indication, Reef Chili kicks every other food's
butt (Marine Snow, Phytomax, Zoomax, Chromamax, Cyclops included).

You really need to get this stuff into stores.  I can't believe you're still marketing it by yourself on
ebay!  Granted, I know nothing about the process involved in bringing a product line to retail
distribution, and I'm sure it's quite complicated, but it just seems crazy that your stuff isn't
available in every fish store and online retailer out there.  Hopefully as your business model
matures, you can find a way into mainstream retail.  (Just don't lose your logo - the polyp at the
bowl of chili - it's much too cute.)

Thanks.  I'll be ordering more.



I just wanted to write some feedback regarding this product for other consumers to read so that
they will be able to make a informed decision on whether to buy this product or not.  I always like
to read about other people's feedback before I buy something too.  But you tend to wonder, does
any site really post the bad feedbacks?  Well, let me tell you, I am sure that 99% of the time they
don't because they want to sell their product, not turn people away.  And with this said, here is my
suggestion for this product.
Run.....don't walk!!!  Right to your purse or wallet and grab your credit card and buy some of
ReefChili right now!!!  I hope this gets posted and distributed throughout the world so that
ReefChili will continue to expand and grow as a business.  This product does exactly what it says
it does and more.  To see corals, anenomes, fish, and everything go crazy in my tank from the
moment I stick the application bottle (provided with order) in the tank was amazing!!  I can't keep
the fish and shrimp away long enough to feed the corals and anenomes.  
On a side note....I would love to have some order forms for my local fish stores and try to market
this product in my area.  The stores I go to really VALUE my opinion and suggestions for them.  I
am sure that i can have them stocking this product on their shelves right away.  My wife and I
travel every few weeks to about 10 different stores in three different states.  I am very serious
about this offer, please let me know what you think.


Just a little note:  We had always wanted some of the orange sun polyps.  we had never ever
seen them come out with the bright yellow polyps in the store before, anywhere.  we just wanted
to have them because of the nice orange color.  well let me tell you that reef chili brought out
these polyps within a minute of trying to feed with reefchili and brought a color to our tank that we
had not known we had within.  I have included an attachment with the sun polyps to show you.

(here is the included pic)

Hi. I received my Reef Chili today and just wanted to say how great the stuff is. It got a coral to
open up that hasn't opened up all week, since I bought it. Made my day. Candy canes went nuts
immediately. If you have time, I also left some good free advertising for you at Reef Central with
pics in the Reef Discussion forum, so hope you have plenty in stock. :) Thanks a lot.
P.S. I've been watching for the response to this product over the last 6 months. Another thread at
Reef Central last week convinced me to try it. I use many types of coral food with a can of
cyclopeeze on the way. I may narrow it down now.

Ebay user name, vessxpress1

At first I was skeptical. But after using reefchili for less than 4 days I saw a flourish of activity on
my maze brain coral that I thought had died 2months ago!!!

I did not remove him from the tank that had suffered great loses due to water pollution because I
was clinging to hope. Even though I hadn’t seen any reaction from this coral when I fed the tank
shrimp and Dr T’s  in two months. After 3 days of feeding with reef chili the coral woke up and
started pulsating and feeding!!!

Thank you reef chili!!!



I just placed my second order so I have been using it a while. I really like it a lot but that really
doesn't matter because the fish and corals do. When things look dull in my tank I can bring it to
life in seconds with reef chili. Fish go crazy, corals feed happily, clams enjoy it too but that's easy
right? Snails pop out of the ground, brittle star runs around, my blood shrimp comes running out
of hiding, micro stars, everything… I swear I see stuff I didn't know I had. it gets crazy I guess, you
could say it's like the ice cream truck ringing it’s bell and the kids come running, the tank just
explodes with life. everybody in the tank loves it so I love it too!

World's largest Aquarium is 8 million gallons Atlanta, Georgia  it's still a Nano tank compared to
the Ocean!



Hello Reef,

I will most certainly be leaving positive feedback.  You provided the product, and was timely about

I hope you don't mind if I hold off for a day or so, as I would like to be able to really give it a factual
boost.  I am quite impressed with the product, it arrived, and I decided to just give it a go a few
hours early.

I keep everything from softies, shrooms, rics, clams, sps, lps, Acan Lords, and have all on a
central system with the individual tanks providing specialized lighting requirements by need.  I
have to say this is the first food I EVER saw my lords open up for while the dual 400w mh were
on!  At the same time I noticed ALL my hairy SPS trailing feeding stringers like never before.

I am watching to see what all actually utilizes the food, with much interest.  (I added brine &
mysis) The Blastos and Favites were already out, not unusual for them.  Tomorrow, I will do a
night feeding and monitor the results as well.  Interestingly, the Sun Coral (Turret Type) and Black
Sun corals also went into feeding mode during this daylight feeding. The Scleroneptheas appear
to have noticed it also.

Best regards,
Name edited for privacy
Ebay user name mmouse2002a


Hi, This is chazz66 from the TCMAS board.
I received my reef chili from you a couple of days ago and am amazed. My corals love it! Thank You
for such a great, easy to use product. Chuck



I just wanted to let you know that I have been using your product for a little while and it has been
going great!  Just wanted you to know that I posted a link to your auction on a forum I am a
member of so you should get some business from Canreef members.  Cheers,

Ebay user name truenorthreef


Just a quick note to say thanks. Got my Chili today and am amazed; Amazed that it isn't just
"puffed-up" advertisment. I bought a black sun paylop 3 days ago and within 10 minutes of
covering it with your Chili all of its tenicals came out... The first time he actually showed sines of
life since I got it!! Everything else seems to love it as well. I will be buying more soon.  =)

Thanks again

Pete ~ Reno, NV


Just got my product. Fed my corals immediately. They showed a strong positive response to
directed feeding. You have a great product and I left positive feedback for you. I will order more in
the future. Thanks. Janice E.


Hey highspeedsteve here :) i recieved the reef chili in fine shape yesterday.I just finished leaving
u feedback and thought i'd give u my input.I mixed up a batch yesterday and it was miday and it
sure woke up the reef.I've never seen my black sun coral ever come out in the daytime especially
when the main lights are on.All seven heads had there polyps out waiting for a treat.Great stuff i
say !!! Thanks  Stephen



I bought some off your website. This stuff is just awesome. My skunk cleaner shrimp eats it right
out of the syringe! The clam just gobbles it up. I can honestly say, dollar for dollar, it is the best
value on anything I have ever bought for my aquarium. Corals are doing so much better now that I
feed them every other day. I love feeding my corals with the syringe. Before I just couldn't afford
buying expensive live phytoplankton, and my corals suffered. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR

eBay Member: vallen11


Hey there. Cant say how much my corals love your reef chili. Since I have been using it they really
have grown tenfold. A question. I bought some from you in bulk form about 6 jars from ebay. Do I
need to store them in the refrigerator?

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This stuff is great!!!!!!! Dont go without!!!! Thank You!

fish and inverts love it!!!!!!!!1

Absolutely fantastic. Corals seem to really enjoy the mix. Thanks

Holy Moly fast shipping, Thank you

My corals just love it. I will buy from you again. Thank you

Great product, coral love it, even sun coral. VFast shipping to UK.

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Thanks! Great product, my corals love it! Keep up the good

My corals just love it. I will buy from you again. Thank you

good seller, great product, should have ordered more. will
definately order more

Everything in my tank loves it, fast shipping, a pleasure to deal


WOW! It really works. Thanks!

Great item!! So much better than the liquid!!!

Great product already noticing differences!

Thanks...Even the fish like this stuff.

Product is EFFECTIVE! Brought my corals back to LIFE! I will be
back to BUY! A+

Probably the best seller I've ever dealt with. 100% honest.
Awesome product!!!

Great shipping speed and wonderful product; As-Described! A+!


Very fast, added to tank, fish went nuts! A++++ Corals opened
WIDE! Thanks!

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from seller A+

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My fish and inverts go insane when this hits the water, must be

Received it today. Great stuff! Will definitely be a repeat buy.

Wow what a product for a fraction of the cost! incredible stuff here!

Great stuff! Everything in my nano loves it. Fast shipping, etc.
Thanks!! A+

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Wonderful product and fast shipping! Does not give corals/fish
gas. Thanks!

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Everything has worked out great-shipping, product, everything!
Thanks a lot!

Outstanding & Honest Seller! EVERY REEF SHOULD BE ON
REEFCHILI!!! Will Buy More!

Great transaction and product. My corals love it already. Thanks

fast shipping, and a great product... been using it since I set up
my tank...

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Fast Delivery. Soft corals enjoyed first feeding. Will definitely order

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thank you

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Fast shipping... corals seem to really love this stuff...

Item was as described and delivered quickly. My filter
feeders love it! A+++++
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